Previous BrainCamps

famvir cost resource AU Brain Camp 2015 Curriculum:

Session 1 AM AU MRI Center Tour / Safety Presentation
History and Methods of Cognitive Neuroscience
PM Neuroanatomy Lesson/Virtual Neuroanatomy Lab (iPad Interactive Session)
Session 2 AM Brain Scanning / Brain Art Project
PM Music & Memory / Learning
Session 3 AM Brain Data Viewing: How do we view brain activations and what do they mean? (iPad Interactive Session)
PM Neuroplasticity: How does the brain change?
Session 4 AM Learning & Memory
PM The Brain on Drugs
Session 5 AM Neuroethics Debate Session
PM College and Career Readiness: Pathways to becoming a neuroscientist
Closing Ceremony


buy gabapentin without prescription AU Brain Camp 2014 Curriculum:

Session 1 Introduction to the Auburn University Brain Imaging Visiting Fellowship / History of Cognitive Neuroscience
Session 2 Methods of Cognitive Neuroscience / Introduction to Neuroanatomy
Session 3 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI)
Session 4 Introduction to fMRI Data and Analysis / Viewing fMRI Data at Home
Session 5 Neuroethics
Session 6 Internet Resources

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