2015 AU Brain Camp Curriculum Released!

We have ironed out our curriculum for this year.

Here it is:

July 27th AM AU MRI Center Tour / Safety Presentation
History and Methods of Cognitive Neuroscience
PM Neuroanatomy Lesson/Virtual Neuroanatomy Lab (iPad Interactive Session)
July 28th AM Brain Scanning / Brain Art Project
PM Music & Memory / Learning
July 29th AM Brain Data Viewing: How do we view brain activations and what do they mean?
PM Neuroplasticity: How does the brain change?
July 30th AM Learning & Memory
PM The Brain on Drugs
July 31st AM Neuroethics Debate Session
PM College and Career Readiness: Pathways to becoming a neuroscientist
Closing Ceremony


We are so excited to have Dr. Barb Bondy, Dr. Ann Knipschild, and Dr. Chris Correia joining forces with us this year to deliver some awesome camp activities/new topics.

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