Session 3 Surveys & Scanning Schedule


I just wanted to thank each of you for such a thoughtful discussion today!  I definitely didn’t want it to end.

I sent out a link for tonight’s session surveys to those of you who I have consent forms from.  If I do not have a signed consent form from you, I sent you a pdf that you can fill out and turn into me when you turn in your signed consent form (if you choose to participate).  If you did not receive the link or the pdf, please email me at  As always, we’re so appreciative of any feedback that you can provide us.

Just a little reminder about scanning in the morning – here is the schedule of reporting times with the actual scan time in parantheses:

6:45am (7:00am) – Taylor
7:15am (7:30am) – Beth
7:45am (8:00am) – Natalie
8:15am (8:30am) – Seth
8:45am (9:00am) – Dami
9:15am (9:30am) – Englesh
9:45am (10:00am) – Brianna-Jane
10:15am (10:30am) – Devin
10:45am (11:00am) – Eric
11:15am (11:30am) – Matthew



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