Monday – BrainCamp – Session 1

Thank you to our students and parents for attending the very first day of our inaugural brain camp!

As promised, here are the thought questions for tonight’s homework.

Homework Thought Questions

  1. What kinds of techniques do Posner and his colleagues use to localize cognitive functions?
  2. How is PET scanning used to study cognitive processes? What kinds of assumptions does PET scanning make?
  3. What is the reason for subtracting activations recorded in a control state from those recorded during presentation of a target stimulus?
  4. What is the joint approach that Posner believes to be the key to understanding many cognitive disorders?
  5. To what extent should researchers generalize the results of studies of patients with brain lesions to people in general? Support your position.

Some reminders:

–  Please consider the consent form for the evaluations of brain camp.  If you’re willing to help us, please initial the frontside (at the bottom) and then sign the back.  Both students and parents need to initial and sign.

–  Wednesday we will tackle neuroanatomy.  Please check out the third tab in your binder which is the “Neuroanatomy” tab.  As mentioned, in tab 5, there is a nice little article called “Chapter 2: Control” that may be a refreshing read if you get frustrated with the article. 🙂